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Most ingredients that go into cosmetics and also toiletries on the whole were intended originally for another purpose, but got used by formulators to fulfil a requirement.

Not a lot of raw materials were developed specifically for use in personal care, however Carcrylls fit this specific niche perfectly.

Carcrylls are not just thickeners, as there are many ways to thicken something up. They give you not just the viscosity you want, but they also stabilise your formulation and give it texture.

You can use Carcrylls from Just For Today, as a base to create anything from a lotion which flows easily or a rich cream that retains its shape to a stiff hair gel, just by varying the exact way you use it. It is soft enough to rub in, but firm enough so it will only go where you want it to.

If you rubbed a neat Carcryll gel into your skin you wouldn’t notice it once it has dried. It doesn’t feel tacky or tight at all.

France Mucus


Why is this product made for you?


For several years now, the benefits of the active components of snail slime have been highlighted with cosmetics and paramedical products. Various miscellaneous finished products can be found in the market but the producers of fresh active components with serious monitoring and analysis of fresh active content, are still rare.


The facility currently produces 30 tons of fresh slime a year, and we are evolving our method with the intention of tripling production in the next two years. This will help you develop new face and body product lines, or other products with various uses.

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